About The Student Ministry Podcast

What is the Podcast All About?

The Student Ministry Podcast is designed to be a Gospel-centered resource for any adult leader serving the next generation of future leaders.

The information covered in our episodes is for youth pastors, small group leaders, Young Life leaders, parents, campus ministry directors, Sunday school teachers, college pastors, young adult ministers, and educators who just want to learn more about ministering to youth and young adults.

This show gives quick, simple, and practical ideas to help leaders address some of the tough scenarios that they might be facing as they serve in youth ministry, family counseling, or college ministry.

Meet the Host

Kenny Ortiz is the solo host of both The Student Ministry Podcast and Theology For the Rest of Us. He is also the co-host of The Inspiring Awesome Podcast and Plant Better Podcast, both of which Kenny co-hosts with James Carbary.

Kenny is an author, international speaker, and entrepreneur. He is the Director of Bethany Teams as well as the founder and CEO of 4thFloor Media. He has more than 15 years of pastoral ministry experience, youth ministry experience, and church leadership experience. Kenny has had the privilege of serving under several legends in the world of youth ministry; including Jeanne Mayo and Ron Luce. He was also personally mentored by best-selling author Shannon Ethridge.

Kenny loves studying and discussing the Bible and theology. He has a strong track record of mentoring teenagers well and he loves coaching adults that are investing in the lives of teens and young adults.

Kenny is an avid reader, podcast addict, Disney enthusiast, history buff, and coffee lover. Learn more about Kenny at his personal website www.kennethortiz.com.