07 | Eight Steps in Training Your Leaders to Engage with Students

Effectively engaging with students is super important, therefore training your leaders to effectively engage with students is also super important. In this episode, Kenny gives us eight tips and ideas on how to be most effective in training our leadership teams.

The Eight Steps:

1- Make sure they know that connecting with students is the priority.

2- Train them look for and engage with new students.

3- Strategically and prayerfully assign them students to look for, and boldly approach those students.

4- Make sure you tell them not to gravitate towards other leaders.

5- Give them specific areas where they can connect with students, dont assume they’ll know when and where.

6- Train them to model how to be good “sermon listener.”

7- Train them to model how to be engaged in the singing portion of a worship service.

8- Encourage and train them to talk to parents when they have the chance.


Recommended Resources

How to Win Friends and Influence People (by Dale Carnegie)

Winning with People (by John Maxwell)

Sample Training Video for “Engaging with Students”