01 | What’s This Podcast All About?


This is the very first episode of the Student Ministry Podcast. In this first episode of the podcast, our host Kenny Ortiz explains the genesis of the show, his motivation for doing the show, its format, and its goals. He also tells his own personal story and why he love student ministry.

This podcast is for any person serving and leading teenagers and young adults. The podcast is dedicated to inspiring, encouraging, and equipping youth workers, as well as introducing them to a myriad of great tools and resources that will be helpful in student ministry.

The show will apply to youth pastors, small group leaders, Young Life leaders, college pastors, youth camp counselors, Sunday school teachers, young adult pastors, and even campus ministry directors and interns for ministries such as RUF, Navigators, Cru, Intervarsity, BSM, FCA, and Chi Alpha. The show content will also be relevant to parents and educators seeking to invest into the well-being of middle school, high school, or college students.

If you have a question or topic that you’d like to have addressed on the podcast or if you’d like to be interviewed on the show or if you’d simply like to connect with Kenny, you can connect with him directly:

E-mail: Heyortiz@studentministrypodcast.com

Twitter: @kennethortiz

Personal Website: www.kennethortiz.com